Personal Telco University DVD

This is a place to plan and document the PTPU-DVD.


PersonalTelcoUniversity was a program started under DarrenEdin's presidential term and had sessions in 2004 and 2005. The goal was to have a series of somewhat-formal classes that could be taken by anyone (for a small tuition fee) and would be taught by PersonalTelco members. Upon the completion of the class, students would be prepared to build wireless networks. Despite meager attendance, the program succeeded in it's overall goal to educate those who wanted to be educated.

What's This?

The PersonalTelcoUniversityDVD is an attempt to take everything good about PersonalTelcoUniversity and distill it onto a digital medium so that classes can be seen by anyone, not just those with geographical or chronological proximity. Credit goes to Mr. TomHiggins who birthed the concept. Today, it is the primary project of CalebPhillips in his (not-yet-announced) role of DirectorOfEducation.

To Do

This is in chronological order, a sort of timeline.


An evolving list of classes which may be featured on the DVD.

A class