Name: Peter "Peat" Bakke ( BR Homepage: BR Projects: My community web server (, electronic music, rock climbing, and geekin'. BR Profession: Photographer, web master, and occassional student. BR Platforms: My wireless connection is an Apple iBook (dual-USB model, 12") running MacOS X. I don't own a base station .. yet. BR Location: University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand. BR Home: Portland, Oregon.

(Updated August 22nd, 2002) I'm attempting to drum up interest in wireless Internet APs in general. Our campus could do with a few, and I think Christchurch would be quite receptive to a public wireless network.

General ChCh wireless links:

Canterbury University Wireless:

note: not a public network, and you need a proper login/password to use it, just like any other university network computer.