> This would be a really cool thing to have at a playday, I reckon.

Here's announcing the 2nd "Official Personal Telco Equipment PlayDay"


PlayDayNotes: As we make 'em, here's where we write 'em!

What's the deal: Bring yourself, bring some food, bring your GEAR! If you have no gear, bring tools (wire strippers, cutters, flashlights, screwdrivers), if you have no tools, bring a set of hands to help out with! If you don't have hands, well, bring your mind, because we're going to need some people who can think as well.

PlayDayAgenda: Meet, Greet, Plan, Deploy, Test, and then Play.

PlayDayToDo: Extend the learning from PlayDayOne - let's concentrate on the network. MadHoc - active / passive repeating Linux nodes - Stylistic loading (assuming the Power Supplies will be around) & - NoCatAuth Testing - More distance testing - Channel interference & Amp interference & mapping dead spots - Point to point connection - Me & Michael's Node-To-Be?

PlayDayEquipment: I've got my Node up and running now (Sans NoCat), and amped to legal limits, along with 2 Static IP's and a 1.5 Mb / 384 Kb DSL line. Depending on the weather, it could be cramped quarters inside, or fun in the sun! List what you're bringing to the event!

Needed: Crimping tools, connectors for pigtails, antennas, base stations, wireless clients, wire for Antenna runs, cell phones w/ unlimited weekend minutes ("Where are you? Move Left!"), CAT-5 straight & crossover cables, routers, hubs, foldable tables, extension cords, batteries, power inverters (for car travel), ANTENNAS (!!!), and anything else I have possibly missed!

Parking is tight on 41st, but there's plenty on Tillamook, so please take advantage of it. Even better, take the Max or ride your bike over!

Hope to see you all there!!

Attendence List: (put list of equipment in PlayDayEquipment)