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Hardware history:

Since Spring 2005, I have been volunteering on the HistoricMississippiCommunityNetwork project, initially the nominal coordinator for the ReconGroup, and lately playing an active role in expanding the network to new roofs. I provided the 802.11a 8 dBi omni antenna currently located on the Mississippi Commons roof and the ladder used to chimney-mount metrix-ed on October 28, 2005. With CalebPhillips, got metrix-ed online and talking to the world. I even worked up the nerve to climb on a roof other than Commons (which is trivial) to help install metrix-west on October 29, 2005. Been working on diagnosing problems in the network, and just today managed to deploy a working WDS configuration on all five metrixes which lets users off the entire network get DHCP resolution and access to the Internet for the first time.

I host NodeKlickitat. At MeetingMarch2006, I was asked by DonPark and agreed to take over the duties of Secretary from RobertPetersen. On July 26, 2006, was elected unanimously to the BoardOfDirectors of PersonalTelco, and have assumed the office of Secretary.

For the first few months of 2007, teamed with CalebPhillips to investigate aspects of the MetroFi proof-of-concept network. Results of this study were published at the [ Unwire PDX Watch website].

I have been a GNU/Linux user since 1992 and have been involved with the PortlandLinuxUsersGroup since about 2000.

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