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Hardware history:

Since Spring 2005, I have been volunteering on the HistoricMississippiCommunityNetwork project, initially the nominal coordinator for the ReconGroup, and lately playing an active role in expanding the network to new roofs. I provided the 802.11a 8 dBi omni antenna currently located on the Mississippi Commons roof and the ladder used to chimney-mount metrix-ed on October 28, 2005. With CalebPhillips, got metrix-ed online and talking to the world. I even worked up the nerve to climb on a roof other than Commons (which is trivial) to help install metrix-west on October 29, 2005. Been working on diagnosing problems in the network, presently metrix-commons refusal to bridge 11a to 11a traffic.

I have been a GNU/Linux user since 1992 and have been involved with the PortlandLinuxUsersGroup since about 2000.

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