SkyPilot SkyExtender Dual Band

In August 2009, we received some SkyPilot SkyExtender DualBand devices from the City of Portland to evaluate for possible re-use. One of them was dismantled and an investigation ensued. Over the next few months, 11 more SkyExtenders were received from the City of Portland, for a total of 12. More recently, we've been working on getting access to a SkyPilot SkyGateway. A gateway device is required in order to try to use the stock SkyPilot firmware.

Last Spring, SkyPilot was acquired by another company, Trilliant. Since August, the websites were integrated and the SkyPilot forum was taken offline.


We received the SkyExtenders with PowerOverEthernet injectors and Street Light Power Tap cords intact.

SkyExtender DualBand Main Body

Mounting mast (two length variants)

Other Mounting Hardware

2.4 GHz omni-directional antennas (two length variants)

PowerOverEthernet enclosure with cat5

ANSI C136.10 Street Light Power Tap and cord