LucasSheehan is building a sign for personaltelco. The idea being the we have a backlit sign that contains an AP so we can place this in locations that agree to have a PTP node and get some neat PR as well as supply access. This idea was concived by DonPark while we were being bar flies and noticed all the light up beer signs that you see in bars, and Don said "Hey wouldnt it be cool to have an AP in one of thoes signs!?", the rest is almost history.

We will have pictures up soon of its construction. (I promise! I just cant find my camera!)

Update Jan 7th 2002:

Update Jan 27th 2002:

TheSign parts list -

2x 8' 1x6 fir boards (the next sign will probobly be made with a better wood but since this one is painted and a "prototype" fir works fine. You should also make sure the wood is square and not warped which makes building a box very difficult! It took two trips just because I was an idiot and didnt probobly examin the wood, oh well live and learn.)

2x 120v candelabra light fixtures

2x 15watt exit sign bulbs (It was the only bulb that was specificaly built for a sign enclosure that I could find, they seem to work well)

2x 1/2" pices of 1/8" threaded pipe (used to attache the lamps inside the box, the pictures will make this more clear.)

Wire and wire nuts for the internal lamp wireing. (I picked blue, green, black, and white. Its perty!)

1x 8' length of lamp cord (so we can plug it in silly.)

1x cord attached switch/dimmer (I did this as I wasnt quite sure how bright the lights were going to be and we might want to dim them a bit.)

2x 10x13" clear plexiglas sheets

Opaque white film for wide format plotters and printer. (I used an HP3500 for the printing, great printer but s l o w.)

3M optical adhesive (This was used in the process of laminating the film to the plexiglas as it is supposed to be completly invisible after application, we dont want an ugly layer of adhesive between the plexiglass and film as the image was printed in reverse and applied to the inside of the pannels.)