LOCATION: LinuxFundOffice BRBR

DATE: 04 February 2003 BRBR Planned start time: 7:00 PM BRBR

Actual start time: 7:15 PM BRBR Role call: LonnieWormley, AaronJohnson, DonPark, DarrinEden, AdamShand, AaronBaer, EugeneKeam, NatPowning, JerrittCollord, LucasSheehan, MarkTishenko, StevenSchrodel, BrianSmith, JackHoneycutt



don park specification of distributions, define distribution requirements, dist matrix

aaronj start with bewitched, create a list, then discuss additional reqs

launi start a wiki page and list the current reqs, question the additions, does anybody want to lead the dist specs?, what are the reqs for an ap?

aaronj example > can you run captive portal on it?

dat speakeasy allows setup of public nodes

launi agenda items first then technical ops later

launi reqs spec, darrin leads this item


soekris hardware - can run a captive portal in the access point, all in one hardware, essentially 486-linux-radio card-run host ip, some discussion on list if we go with minipci or pcmcia green vest-he hears consensus pcmcia, lower cost launi-hardware model 4521 aaronj-two pcmcia slots, minipci and compact flash, additional specs look on soekris site don-why don't we use external access points launi-urban grind an example of aps that already have aaronj-public and private channels don-need 64 megs aaronj-clarification up to 64 megs launi-soekris.com steven-does soekris allow for easier mass production aaronj-enable people like coffee shops that don't have the time to learn launi-standardize on 4521 agreed, do we want 200 milliwatt cards? what's the recommended card? (open item) steven-questions the board used in pioneer square, how many days before the next reboot? aaronj-we're not the only ones to use this configuration aaronj-what type of compact flash? like sandisk, flashed locally dat-flashed via a prepared cd nat-we must inform people that assembly required, needs cf card-pigtail-wireless card-antenna, price list see hotspotpackage launi-all this stuff acquired from netgate darrin-recommends amazon and look for 10 dollar rebate


launi-this item i'm working on, we're gonna inventory all the hardware aaronb-do you need help with the database launi-probably run on mysql, adam needs to update it aaronb-on the database team for asset management, clarification he will help create the table schema


launi-new node development projects nat-4000 macadam new node, installing a soekris box, will be the primary contact, this establishment will pay for broadband but not paying for the hardware, good for business not necessarily good for individuals, in a window for now, good relationship with the landlord, nothing in that area, a couple blocks north of water tower area darrin-verbal agreement near nw 21st aaronb-says hipster zone is sufficient to describe this new node on nw 21st aaronj-another new node launi-ne apartment node update, access in the parks, property owner wants to provide free dsl access steven-if we can make a soekris box, he knows of an area that has average 300 people don-bean supplier offered wifi service launi-portland roasting offers wifi installations aaronb-rudy's wifi service, he talked to rudy's portland, great locale cuz near nature's, will re-contact seattle owners, not sure if they're local enough or in other words do they have the autonomy don-owner of fireside asked what the name of your group again, jokingly we're gonna install a guerilla ap


datBRBRtri-met's t.i.p max line expansion and open house launi-he's gonna check out the one in beaverton nat-cool to get access along the max line dat-city talking with vivato, phase array antenna


launi-next week's meeting same time same place, aaron johnson next facilitator

JANUARY Monthly meeting notes BRBR http://www.personaltelco.net/index.cgi/MeetingJanuary2003

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