PTP Weekly Meeting - 11 February 2003BR

Time: Tuesday 7 - 8:30 pmBRBR Location: Linux Fund, 408 SW 2nd Avenue 430, Portland, OregonBRBR Scribe: EugeneKeamBRBR Attendees: AdamShand, LonnieWormley, AaronJohnson, AaronBaer, NatPowning, DonPark, JerrittCollord, DarrinEden, AndrewWoods, NigelBallard, AlinaJensen, ChristianJensen, LucasSheehan, JackHoneycutt, EugeneKeamBRBR


1. Pebble and Bewitched distro comparisonBR 2. New nodes in the queueBR 3. Site surveysBR 4. General issues (Adam)BR

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1. Pebble and Bewitched distro comparisonBR

briefly discussed belowBR

2. New nodes in the queueBR

AlinaJensenBR did lonnie look into easystreet usage policy?, i question qwest's usage policies, qwest should train their employees betterBR

DonParkBR qwest's business class usage policy differs from residentialBR

ChristianJensenBR paper ips run on natBR

DonParkBR recommend viewing qwest's isp's usage policy on the webBR

AlinaJensenBR what to do about the tower donation from baker city?, requires professional installers and proper transportation plansBR

AdamShandBR we have professional installers available to us via our listserv, let's do it, do we have a location to store it and install it?BR

AlinaJensenBR the tower is supposed to come out in juneBR

AdamShandBR hams took care of the height limitations with fcc rules adjustments, 100 feet maximum so we're okay with the donated radio tower height, private property owners supposedly own 100 feet above affected property, however need a ham licenseBR

3. Site surveysBR


4. General issues (Adam)BR

AdamShandBR theresa interested in a summer fundraiser, need a park permit, permits are affordable, perhaps pull a stunt and get media attention, setup a public tip jar concept, npr style node usage much like the pledge drivesBR

ChristianJensenBR pull a geeky stunt on televisionBR

AaronJohnsonBR that would be a good way to encourage people to get setup on an auth accountBR

AdamShandBR specify a suggested donation, something like npr nagware, drew assigned bandwidth capping and annoyware project by adamBR

DonParkBR nagware might encourage hackingBR

AaronJohnsonBR people might share accounts to get around annoywareBR

AndrewWoodsBR bandwidth capping might constitute paid serviceBR

AdamShandBR drew is the pledge drive coordinatorBR

AaronBaerBR we should spec out and create a timeline for completion, a project scope, note authorization server changesBR

AdamShandBr don is the new ops team leader, i'm backing away from that day-to-day role, one person that shapes where ptp goes, ops defined as establishment of new nodes and maintenance of existing nodes, last year was an adminstrative year for ptp, this year it is the network year, in other words development of a mansigBR

AdamShandBR big item goals for this year, (1) create an automated cd to setup hotspots i.e. sputnik and evilbunny, (2) standardized ap hardware such as soekris, (3) standardized distro decision and then create an image cd, (4) create automation tools i.e. pushing out changes, upgrade apps, monitoring integration for bandwidth usage, (5) build a network i.e. mansig and mesh leader, (6) develop > experimentation > load and performance testing > implementationBR

DonParkBR i'll be in thailand starting march 5, lata foolsBRBR

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Next weekly meeting: 18 February 2002BR Location: LinuxFundOfficeBR Time: 7 - 8:30 pmBRBR

DIY or request corrections: EugeneKeam