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{{{<don_o> thats great <KarolKulaga> luckymike good <KarolKulaga> so we don't have crap like popping up <keegan> ...or <judah> we already have that crap popping up. that's why we're doing it. }}}

* Steps are being taken to resovle some name related concerns.

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{{{<keegan> i have some ideas on how to use nocatauth to export xml statistics <keegan> it may be useful in the interim <luckymike> do you have a plan for implementation? <keegan> my ideas involve implementation directly <keegan> but i have no timeline and there's not really much interest <luckymike> so is this on hold until a final solution is determined? <keegan> i'd say it's on hold until someone cares enough to even talk about it, or until there is an excess in free time .. <keegan> seattlewireless has Really Cool Shit <musashi> <keegan>}}}

{{{<judah> we should start thinking about how to maybe get a sponser or three <luckymike> anyone who has sponsor ideas should probably pass them along to keegan (the proposer of the event) and eugene, aye? don_o> wait a sec. the wireless summit is just a way to get members <don_o> of different groups together. its low key. <don_o> its not a wireless _conference_ like freenetworks is trying <don_o> to do. <luckymike> looks like we need a brief discussion on this point <don_o> it just needs someone's basement and a lot of beer. <don_o> at least thats what they were in the past. <luckymike> don_o: so you feel it does not need sponsors? <don_o> luckymike, not any more than the playdays need sponsors. <tomwsmf> or installfests <don_o> a backyard will do. <KarolKulaga> well, perhaps <luckymike> I think that we were envisioning something more formal <keegan> haha, yeah, if anyone has money they should probably give it straight to our lawyers ;) <luckymike> and there is some benefit to taht <KarolKulaga> for renting a convention hall or what not <lizard> a summer bbq in a nice portland park <don_o> what advantage would there be to space that costs money? <luckymike> the proposed space was the Mark Spencer, which is a very reasonably priced hotel in Downtown <luckymike> the advantage is that it would attract more professional folks <judah> arbor lodge... aaron house.. big bar'b'que.. <KarolKulaga> or that . . . I suppose if someone else is paying for it, it doesn't really count as paying money <judah> wireless.. <don_o> what professional folks? this is membership from disparate groups getting together. <keegan> the point of the summit is not to attract professional folks <tomwsmf> I think if no one is going to stand and take on the sponsorhip thing then it should be a trad gathering of the tribes, maybe with some events worked in <keegan> that is the point of itec <keegan> we just want to chill with some other geeks <judah> it's about wireless community groups like us <KarolKulaga> well, we could "invite" Dvorak <tomwsmf> Maybe if folks want to do the corp sponsorship thing they can coordinate somthing wiht a show like OReiley <luckymike> oh then, forget sponsorship and we'll do it in a backyard <don_o> what happened to <musashi> So just for clarification the wireless summit is differnet from what dje was talking about in Canada around the 4th of July right? <don_o> musashi, yes totally different. <musashi> thx. <don_o> is anyone on the metalist? is dead? <tomwsmf> Givent eh amount of work we have on our plates already I really dont see a sponosrhips. coordinated events thing happening this year}}}

{{{<tomwsmf> Grant Writing Force is being formedup <KarolKulaga> re: grants, perhaps we should have a new mailing list for it? <tomwsmf> there should be something to announce at the Monthly <KarolKulaga> ok <judah> grant writing force is meeting soon. <judah> KarolKulaga: NO! <luckymike> I think a new mailing list would be appropriate after the monthly meeting and it's subsequent announcements * judah will fight tooth and nail for adding more mailing lists. <KarolKulaga> ok, but some other way to communicate than the public list <judah> for a grant writing commity.. i see no reason. <luckymike> judah: you mean you'll fight tooth and nail against it <judah> yes.. to: cc: <judah> yes against it. <judah> and reply to all <KarolKulaga> I dont think we need to add more noise to the list personally, but whatever <KarolKulaga> how many people do we have roughly btw? <Rob_AP> perhaps notes and monthlies could have an additional tag in the subject? <judah> 3 or 4 right now.}}}