Place and time: Old Town Pizza, 226 NW Davis, 24 August 2005 BR Scribe: CalebPhillips BR Scheduled Time: 18-August-2005 Start: 18:30:00 PDT End: 19:30:00 PDT

Roll call: DonPark, MichaelWeinberg, CalebPhillips, DatNguyen, Cameron



Miscellaneous ramblings about the types of things that geeks talk about: antenna towers, handheld devices, rfid, bluetooth, coup de'etat, and stealing pizza.

Short discussion of ways to do an inventory of PTP hardware, or at least the communal library.

Don does a poll of who at the meeting is on the Ops list, and adds Cameron and CalebPhillips.

Pioneer Square? Keegan, Mike, and Tyler tested out a lead in the Fox Tower, only to find that the windows block EF very effectively. Apparently, there is another lead that DonPark is going to look into.

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