This is from a post to the MailingList by DonPark about how he got his Linux laptop to connect to his Linux desktop in AdHocMode. -- AdamShand

As far as hardware let me get this one point out of the way. If you are trying to make your own home networking wireless setup, buy a PC PCMCIA Adapter:
For around $25 (on eBay) it gives your PC PCMCIA slots! Meaning that it can let a desktop PC make use of the PCMCIA wireless cards.
Search eBay for PCI to PCMCIA
Search eBay for ISA to PCMCIA

The Linux based home access point setup

Desktop (aka. 'The Base station'):



Assuming the PcmciaCard inserts OK and you get two beeps (needs to be "beep ... beep" not "beep ... boop"), the only config I did at the base station was:


The laptop gets a similar config. The rate is lowered for the bronze card. Its probably not necessary for folxs with newer wireless cards. Im not sure if Im getting more distance out of this slower speed. It could be a good thing.


Then its just your usual run-of-the-mill IP configuration :). All Id say here is to create a new subnet for use with all wireless devices. If the base station is and you give the laptop/whatever you'll have to add a static route for just that IP to go out the pcmcia card. its easier to give the air near your base station its own chunk of addresses (eg 192.168.1.x).

-- DonPark

PS. I dont have any relation to the seller of the ISA/PCMCIA device. I just know its cheap and it works. let the buyer beware.


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