"Okay somebody claims that a reg tweak in windows can change an Orinoco Silver card into AP mode.

in /hkey/local machine/software/orinoco/driver/config00xxxx change APMODE=0 to APMODE=1

he clarified... on the OS: Windows 9x/NT4 SP6 card: Orinoco Silver PC24E-H-FC

Change configname regword,APMODE,ownSSID,DESIREDSSID,OWNCHANNEL nb hkey_local_machine\software\orinoco\driver\config0x"

From different posts by JimThompson to the MailingList:

But the new Win2K driver has the terniary f/w embedded inside. So,It is not possible to have it working on linux, at least, not without changes to the secondary firmware-

There also appears to be no chance for a "HostAP" like driver, despite the fact that the programming models for both MACs are largely similar (PDAs/PDRs, BAP registers, 'ports' on the MAC that can be in various modes, etc.)

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Sorry it is so easy to turn a lucent card into AP mode. For more information check our discussion at Netstumbler ( http://forums.netstumbler.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=575 ).

cu AssetBurned

Yes, another one. Describing using an Orinoco Silver in an Ipaq. #wireless on OPN, 4/22/2002

<jonas_> heh <jonas_> you dont know? <jonas_> its 1 registry setting <jonas_> also works on my laptop <jonas_> just search the registry for ApMode <jonas_> change it value to 1 <jonas_> and bingo, you got a AP


The newest (2003) drivers expose this in the client interface. Easy.




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