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Donated AT&T Blackberry 8300 for sale!

Blackberry 8300 for saleA generous donation arrived at the post office box yesterday or today. It is an AT&T Blackberry 8300 new-in-the-box, donated by someone who won it as a door prize or raffle. The donor would like to turn it into cash that will advance the agenda of the Personal Telco Project, particularly the notion of internodal links. As we are now in possession, it is up to us to manage the conversion to cash. If you are in the market for such a device as described above, please consider the advantages of purchasing it from us. You can email bids to us at info@personaltelco.net. If we don’t get enough bids from the Personal Telco community, we’ll probably try craigslist or ebay. Thanks for your generous support!

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