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Personal Telco leadership renewal

The Personal Telco Project held its annual Members Meeting this week and filled its Board of Directors seats. Russell Senior was re-elected for another two year term. Marino Duregon is a newcomer to the Board, but has been coming to meetings for years and has been an active volunteer and suggester of good ideas. The two newly-elected members join Christopher Chen who was elected a year ago.

The Board of Directors will be meeting soon to decide on officers for the coming year, and to meet the ongoing challenges and opportunities with fresh ideas and vigor!

The Board welcomes involvement. Don’t be shy. Pitch in and help out. Maybe next year, you can take a turn as a board member of this venerable 10 year old organization.

Annual Members Meeting

Another July, another election for the Board of Directors. This year, 2010, there are two seats up for election. For the two seats, we have three candidates, so there will be some drama at least. If you are a member of Personal Telco, please make an effort to attend, on Wednesday, July 28th at the Lucky Lab on Hawthorne, and make your voice heard. If you cannot make it, try to get a proxy letter to someone who will, so that you can have your vote count in your absence.

Let me say a few words about Troy Jaqua. He has served on the Board of Directors and as our Treasurer since 2005, since the very early days of my involvement with Personal Telco. He is not one of the nominees this election cycle, so his time on the Board will be coming to an end. While we haven’t seen as much of Troy as we might have liked, he has been there when we needed him, filing our financial reports, getting our IRS status finalized, etc. In short, despite his scarcity at times, he has more than earned his keep. Thank you Troy for your years of service. We owe you a debt of gratitude.