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Portland MetroFi and Coverage

We keep seeing reports of “Metrofi is roughly 30% complete in covering Portland,” but is that really the right number? Even though numerous reports say you should deploy at least 35 nodes per square mile, MetroFi took the low-end number of 25. While I’m not sure who came up with that number considering the gear used, terrain, etc., they still stuck with 25 per square mile. Regardless of what the reasons are, and most will point to cost, the fact remains that you are not going to get your 95% coverage as MetroFi were contracted out to achieve.

We can agree this is not an exact science, but I will say this: telling the media you are ~30% complete in covering the city is incorrect. MetroFi only deployed ~550 nodes throughout Portland, and Portland is 134 square miles (less major parks like Forest Park). If you do the math, even by using their deployment number of 25 per square mile, that’s only 16.4% coverage. Meanwhile, at what “experts” have suggested (35/mile), that’s only 11.7%.

Even though nobody seems aware on what they’re basing the coverage on, and what areas are considered “Portland” and “worth covering”, it’s nowhere near 30% complete. The MANY complaints people have mentioned regarding overall usability, and mostly those outside buildings, should not be surprising at all.

Everyone has their own definition of the word “coverage”, but the residents of Portland have a different definition than MetroFi.

Hopefully people can take this opportunity to create community networks in their respective neighborhoods.

Oh and one more thing… Sorry for beating a dead horse!

Personal Telco on YouTube

This is slightly old news, but for those looking for video footage of the group, we have a channel on YouTube now with most of our videos from the past 8 years.

Check us out.

Personal Telco IRC

We just setup a browser-based IRC client that will make it easier for people to contact our volunteers for node support and general wireless questions. Feel free to check it out at irc.personaltelco.net

For more IRC information, check out the wiki entry.

Also note that this may not be supported by certain browser configurations. You can always install an IRC client, such as mIRC, XChat or Irssi if the applet doesn’t work for you.


We have fired this up to invite the community to respond to matters in a fashion that seems to be much easier than our other current options (the wiki, mailing lists, irc, etc). Hopefully this will enable more feedback and discussion.

Jason McArthur

Personal Telco Project launches a blog!

Thanks to Jason McArthur for the idea and the implementation. This will provide a venue for commenting on the state of the community networking world.