What is the Personal Telco Project?

The Personal Telco Project Mission

"To promote and build public wireless networks through community support and education."

Personal Telco is a grass roots effort to build an Internet-connected wireless network in Portland, Oregon. By deploying our own wireless access points, and providing the tools and support for others to do so, we are fostering the global growth of city-wide networks which are open to -- and maintained by -- the public.

History of the Personal Telco Project

PTP was formed in August 2000 by a few friends interested in the budding wireless networking technologies and has since grown into one of the world's leading Wi-Fi community groups. In 2003 and again in 2004 Portland won the Intel-sponsored ‘Best Places To Use Free Wi-Fi’ award, mainly due to the efforts of PTP. We are a group of volunteers who use their free time to build and maintain the network for the benefit of Portland residents and visitors.

Our flagship node overlooking the Pioneer Courthouse Square area serves Internet users every day, and has been providing free Wi-Fi since March 2002 -- longer than the Starbucks/T-mobile in the Square. In fact, when Intel showcased Wi-Fi technology last summer (2005?), the PTP node had over three times as many users as the free-for-a-day T-Mobile node in Pioneer Courthouse Square area. Personal Telco nodes are easy to use and increasingly ubiquitous.

Who We Are

Personal Telco members are your neighbors, your customers and your friends. Our community is vast and all-inclusive. Our members range from computer experts who are proud to be called geeks, to business professionals who call IT every time they need to print. We are teenagers and grandparents. Anyone interested in free wireless access for the public is welcome in PTP. This is something we are passionate about, and we are always eager to share that passion.

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