Airnet+ WLC010

Reviewed by: AthlonRob

Review Date: 2003/12/17

Model Number: WLC101

Manufacturer: Airnet

Cost: $30

Operating Systems: Linux


Note: copied from post to PLUG mailing list.

I ended up getting the Airnet+ WLC010 from Fry's. $30, the cheapest they had. I saw it yesterday, tried to decipher the chipset... ended up downloading the Windoze drivers and ripping them apart to locate the chipset ID.

It's an Intersil Prism II based card... essentially the Intersil reference card with different stickers as far as I've been able to decipher.

Using the Hermes kernel drivers (orinoco_cs module) the card was recognized and my AP saw it as being associated. The card, however, didn't realize it was associated. I was unable to change the SSID nor was I able to enable WEP. I booted into Windows to test the thing, which caused my clock to FUBAR up, which caused many log entries to go unlogged or be destroyed, so I can't get the exact errors I was getting...

I ended up using the wlan-ng drivers. 2.0.1-pre16 worked. pre11 didn't compile against 2.6.0-test11 properly.

These drivers pretty much suck, but they at least work. I *really* like iwconfig compatability, and that's just not here. I can't get WEP working, I'm not sure if it's my configuration problem or a driver problem... it seems card services is just able to do enough to set the card to SSID ANY and anything beyond that must be done manually. I'll live without WEP, though.. there's nobody around here to steal my connection.

Just wanted to share my experiences with this card, maybe for future googlers if for nobody else. It seems like a decent deal on a WiFi card, I suppose.



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