My name is Andy Alexanderson. My interest in the project is hard to narrowly define. I know that I am young enough to find a passion and follow it. I have yet to completely come to terms with whatever that will be. Wireless networking technology has captivated my interest in a non-fleeting sense, and that is a sign to me of how important it is to pursue. I am in support of the idea of allowing people to cross the digital divide. I feel internet access should be free and unfiltered, perhaps owned an operated by the public. I dislike starbucks and their expense to the community, taking over the little guys. I am attending the university classes in order to further my understanding and increase my effectiveness in wireless networking, all while utilizing a free non-microsoft os that was completely foreign to me a month ago. My intention is to give back as much as I can, and hang out with a bunch of computer nerds just like me.


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