When: February 29, 2004.

Where: Node134

Who: Everyone

Why: Personal Telco Project is holding a satellite dish modification workshop. 2.4 GHz and/or 5.8 GHz bands based on Trevor Marshall's bi-quad design with Primestar and possibly DirecTV/Dish Networks reflectors. There are plenty of interested people and lots of unused dishes out there in the world!

Where: I will be holding this event at my house Node134

1PM February 29th, 2004

Things you need to bring: Any Radio's, Laptops, Pig Tails, Connectors, any Dish that you may want to use, and other supplies you have available.

Things I'll have onsite: copper wire, 1/2" copper tubbing, copper back plane material, torch, solder


Pictures of this workshop are in the PTP Gallery...

Reference material:



Here's more information on the PortAngelesWashington location and possible technologies.

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