Name: Benjamin Ericson
Homepage: about:blank
Node Info: Under Construction. I live in SE PDX (Laurelhurst) and am building my node with an old Toshiba Satellite and Vector Linux. I know Windows and Mac, but am still learning Linux, so my node is waiting on my investment in mental energy, as well as some $, which is short at hand right now. I'm also planning on constructing a WaveGuide (based on the Trevor Marshall design) antennae to throw my signal to the World.

Me: "Self-declared knower of nothing - that is my edge."

Depending on the time of day, I am a doing one of the following:
- Trying to produce rather than consume
- Webmastering
- Playing guitar
- Asleep and dreaming
- Awake and dreaming
- Drinking microbrews with friends
- Riding my bike
- Plotting my long-term strategy to put a stake in the heart of the ever-increasing cost of living (inflation) so I can subsist in a life where I am truly free
- Enjoying a fat Laughing Planet burrito

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