Version 0.2

This procedure must be done as root on a machine that can mount a Compact
Flash device as a disk drive.  You will also need grub installed.  If 
starting from a stage2 tarfile skip the first part of this.

mkdir readonly
cd readonly
tar xzf ../stage1-0.2.tgz

edit etc/resolv.conf.default
        set up as appropriate for network config
                suggestion use maus as a nameserve
                    untill final configuration:

edit root/bin/mountu
        change /dev/hda4 to /dev/hda2

edit boot/grub/menu.lst
        change speed in "serial --unit=0 --speed=9600 --parity=no"
                to 19200
        change line: "terminal --timeout=10 serial console"
        to: "terminal --timeout=0 serial"
        change all instances(3) of: "console=tty0"
        to: "ramdisk_size=16384"
        change all instances of "9600n8" to "19200n8"
        delete lines "savedefault"

edit etc/init.d/
        before the line "mount -avt nonfs,nosmbfs,noncpfs,noproc"
        change "mkfs.ext2 /dev/hda3" to "mkfs.ext2 /dev/ram0"

edit etc/fstab
        change "/dev/hda3" to "/dev/ram0"
        delete lines for floppy, cdrom and swap (/dev/hda4)
        change "/dev/hda4" to "/dev/hda2"

edit etc/modules
        change "ne" to "natsemi"
        delete line "hostap_plx"

edit etc/default/pcmcia
        change "PCIC=i82365"" to "PCIC=yenta_socket"

edit etc/network/interfaces
        configure network as appropriate
                iface wlan0 inet static
                        pre-up iwconfig wlan0 mode master
                        pre-up iwconfig wlan0 channel 1
                        pre-up iwconfig wlan0 essid

edit etc/inittab
        change the line that begins "T0" 9600 becomes 19200

# remove ssh keys
rm etc/ssh/*key*

mkdir dev proc var
ln -s /var/tmp tmp

at this point you can run "tar czf ../stage2-0.2.tgz *"

Start here if you already have a stage2 tarfile. Substitute the device name of the Compact flash for /dev/hde. You can do a "wget" to get the file.

dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/hde count=100
cfdisk /dev/hde
        hde1 125m       bootable
        hde2 (the rest of the device)

mkfs.ext2 /dev/hde1
tune2fs -c 0 -i 0 /dev/hde1
mount /dev/hde1 /mnt/tmp

tar -C /mnt/tmp -xzf stage2-0.2.tgz
umount /mnt/tmp

mkfs.ext3 /dev/hde2

run grub and enter the following commands
        device (hd0) /dev/hde
        root (hd0,0)
        setup (hd0)

# Note: Problems have been reported when using RedHat or Mandrake
# to build the CompactFlash.  This can be fixed by using a serial
# cable.  The problem is that grub is not properly installed so
# it does not find the menu and ends up waiting for input.  To
# correct this, run the grub command "setup (hd0)" and reboot.

At this point the CF is ready for first boot in the soekris box. Go to ConfigureBeWitched for infromation on how to configure.

--- BrianBeattie


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