Wireless networks will become ubiquitous if (and only if) installing an access point is as easy (and mindless) as installing a fax machine. That device should have a simple and memorable name. I propose WifiBox (pronounced "whiffy box"). WillWare and JonSchull created the WifiWiki some weeks ago, with an eye toward inserting it into the PersonalTelco Wiki, which seems to be the most thriving and "sympatico" home. AdamShand urged me to go ahead immigrate. So here we are.

By the way, I'm not trying to impose a new terminology . Rather, I'm trying to articulate an approach that could help community wireless networks spread rapidly beyond the geek community. Maybe its the wrong approach; maybe it needs tuning. That's why I've put in the middle of this Wiki. Have at it!

-- JonSchull

A preeminent PPR:WalledGarden


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