my name is Christof Grigutsch,i am 25 years old, good 193 cm small and live in two most beautiful cities at the Niederrhein [Krefeld and Moenchengladbach (Germany)]. At present I study technical computer science. Beside I still work at a large IT enterprise in Duesseldorf as a technician. In addition I am still SysadmiN in the student hostel ( http://www.wh-og.hsnr.de ) in which I live, as well as in a Internet-Cafe, which a good friend of me operates. As OS I use at the dearest LinuX (Debian / SuSE ), reads gladly Comics and talk nonsense gladly rum. If you still more to know want schau nevertheless times under http://www.doc-x.de past! enamels ask on docx@pesthoernchen.org

For all here a Pic of me did not see me ever in Reallife


The photo developed in November 2001 with Topnet as we straight somewhat in the office rumgealbert;)

# DEFINE DocX "just more another wireless hackers"

one can call it in addition, 802.11b hacker or Wi-Bo


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