David Smith email: dsmith@covansys.com

I have a working node (link to map will be here once the map server is back up) running a D-Link 713P AP. I am in a bit of a valley, so I doubt that the signal travels far, but it is sufficient for me to roam the house and the yard with my Orinoco-silver equipped Thinkpad. I am connected to the net through cable modem service from @home, and I use a linux-based firewall called SmoothWall, which provides protection to my internal boxes (both linux and windoze).

I don't have a very secure setup, in that wireless clients can see my home network. I don't like that, but I haven't found a good way to change it.

Current setup:

scary world <--> smoothwall <--> my internal network

Issue 1: When I add a wireless capability to my home, I am opening whatever network the AP is on to the outside world. I suppose I could put the AP on the scary world side like so:

scary world <--> smoothwall <--> my internal network

But this means that when I'm using my wireless pc, I can't see my internal network without punching a hole in my firewall, which others could easily exploit. I don't really like this answer.

Issue 2: If I add an AP that is available to the general public, how do I ensure that potential wireless users in the neighborhood do not use my entire available @home bandwidth, starving my internal network of bandwidth? I suppose I could use some form of the QOS services in the 2.4 linux kernel, but I've never done that. It could also be the case that I am worried about nothing -- my sleepy SW neighborhood isn't exactly bristling with wireless nodes looking for open APs.

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