T step by step instructions, what JerrittCollord achived of turning a Linux box into a true AccessPoint using JouniMalinen's HostApMode drivers for the Prism2Cards.

Because I am most familiar with DebianLinux this tutorial will be very Debian specific. If someone will write an equivelent for Redhat, Mandrake, Suse that would be great.

I starting off by compiling a custom kernel using Debian's make-kpkg facility. However at this point I don't believe that this is necessisary. What follows is a step by step guide of what I've done. When I've made it all work this page will be updated but in the mean time it's my scratch pad so don't expect it to be a guide to LinuxAccessPoint nirvana. :-)

If you are looking for the already configured AccessPoint image you can find that on the DebianApImage page.



Now a this point, i'm forgetting how you set the ESSID, i think it's in /etc/pcmcia/config and is in the line to load the module. But, i could be way off. I'll boot up my box tomorrow and check it out, since i've got an aironet bridge i use most of the time.

hope you don't mind me trying to fix some things here and there adam.


oh crap ... this won't work cause you need to have kernel source to build the pcmcia modules. shit shit shit. okay .. back to the documentaiton drawing board. more tomorrow. it's bed time.


Also based on Debian, BeWitched is a LinuxAccessPoint designed to run on both the CloneArmyBox and the SoekrisBox.

brian beattie


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