Wiki pages cannot be deleted except by the administrator. List pages you think ought to be deleted, and why.

If you have a page on OrphanedPages, consider deleting it or linking to it from somewhere- nobody's seeing it now.

The following OrphanedPages redirect to another page, but are orphaned, so are not necessary. --BillHolmstrom

AdhocMode, AnouncementPage, ISPWirelessPolicies, MoreAboutHostApDriver, NatBreaksVpn, OfficialPersonaltelcoEquipmentPlayDay, PersonalTelcoFaq, ProjectNews, RunningAgenda, SandBox, Stylistic1000, TermsOfService, TheWirelessSupplyGuy, wirelesscommunites.

WiCat -- It is really called WiCap --MichaelCodanti

Delete these pages (EXCEPT FOR DanRasmussen , DeleteMe , and WikiMaintenance which of necessity also appear in this list). Maybe some of them are of HistoricalInterest or just need to be updated.


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