Directions to the Sherwood Gopher, Thistle, and Blackberry Farm

AKA The place where ShaneGibson lives


        19395 SW Haide Rd.
        Sherwood, OR  97140
        (503) 625-9020


   1.   I5 South
   2.   Exit 294 (99W) toward Tigard/McMinnville
   3.   99W to Sherwood (around 6 to 8 miles)
   4.   Pass through the new development shopping centers (Safeway/
           Albertsons, etc...)
   5.   Right on Elwert Road (also labeled Sunset Blvd to Left)
           (it's a stop light, if you hit the RailRoad crossing over 99W
           you went 1/2 mile past the light --> Landmark - there's a
           brand new YMCA at the corner of 99W and Sunset Blvd/Elwert
   6.   Stay Right on Elwert, immediately after the 99W/Elwert
           Intersection (I mean immediately, like 10 yards)
   7.   go 1/4 to 1/2 mile
   8.   Left on Haide Rd (Dead End), the first Left
   9.   Follow the gravel road and make a Right at the mailboxes (if
           you hit paved road, you're on a Private Drive)
  10.   Look out for the wild chickens, the deer, the squirrels, the
           Coyotes, the Quail (if the Coyotes haven't gotten them),
           the vicious neighborhood dogs, the hawks, the owls, our
           new arrival - the Vultures, and the wild bunny rabbits!
  11.   We're the last house on the end of the road (about 3/4 mile from
           Elwert/Haide intersection, we have two white gate posts
           marked 19395


   A.   217 South if that makes sense for you, to 99W toward
        Follow directions from 3. above

   B.   If South of I5 and 99W, take Exit 289 from I5, which
           is at Tualatin, this exits onto Tualatin-Sherwood Rd. (I
           *think* it's also called Highway 12)
        Tualatin-Sherwood Rd. to 99W (about 3 or 4 miles from I5)
           to 99W, which is in the Sherwood 6-Corners Shopping area
           (don't look for 6 corners, they don't exist anymore!
        Follow from 4. above

   C.   If you are in Hillsboro, and you want a fun back country road
           route, take 219 South all the way to Newberg (warning, add 10
           to 15 mins to your time for this route!)
        Right on 99W to the East (towards Sherwood/Tigard)
        Left on Elwert Rd. (about 2 to 3 miles from Newberg)
        Follow from 6. above

Overview Map

Destination Details Map


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