So since tiger direct was having a sale on the DWL-900AP, and it seemed to do what i wanted it to do, $65 each including shipping, and a friend and I bought 3 of them between us. One is for a coffee shop in town, and one each.

Anyhow, so here it goes.

Things I like:

Things I don't like:

Conclusion: It's basicaly alright because they're so cheap. In most of these locations speed is not a huge issue for us, and I'm going to lock the rate on the AP's at 1Mb to reduce packet loss problems. I'm hoping that a firmware update will fix some of these issues. I would definitly recommend a WAP-11 over these, even though there are some neat features... which wouldn't be that useful, because the performance is pretty poor. Also the v2.2 Wap11 has all these features. I've got my own complaints with the Wap11 however. oh well. --ForrestEnglish

I have one of these and have had no problems with it whatsoever. It connected at full speed, though if sitting right next to it there was some strange issues like Forrest has mentioned above. --CrazyOzie


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