F5D6020 hier beschreiben...

Brand is Belkin. Uses 802.11b norm (11Mbit maximum).

Hardware Version 2 uses an Atmel chipset ( important to find free drivers, for example: http://sourceforge.net/projects/atmelwlandriver ).

The antenna part is not thicker then the pcmcia card itself. This allows to physically have another pcmcia card in a typical 2 slot pcmcia card space of a portable computer. The 2 leds are 'just on' they do not blink when data is transferred etcetera. No connector for external aerial.

*version 1 has an external aerial connector on the bottom of the card inside the plastic I am going to try to measure the location so you can try to cut the plastic without destroying it during disassembly*

Shop price in july 2003 70 EUR

A Hardware Version 3 also exists which is Card Bus only. I dont know the chipset. I had to exchange it for a version 2 to work with my Thinkpad 380D I will be disassembling it soon to see if an antenna mod is posible. Price in Australia Feb 2004 A$49.00 Cheers neutron_modulator@hotmail.com

New info on version 3. I uses an RTL8180L chipset on CardBus version, but please read http://www.michaelminn.com/?linux/home_network.html#toc17.3

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