This map plots antennas that have been registered with the FCC in and around the Portland, OR area. This is still a work in progress so not all registrants are mapped.

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As part of its ongoing efforts to promote air safety, the Federal Communications Commission requires owners to register certain antenna structures (generally those more than 60.96 meters (200 feet) in height or located near an airport) with the Commission. In a Report and Order released November 30, 1995 (text) , the Commission adopted rules designed to streamline the registration process and began requiring antenna structure owners (instead of licensees) to register these structures with the Commission. In a Memorandum Opinion and Order on Reconsideration (Word) (also in PDF format (pdf) ) released March 8, 2000, the Commission clarified several registration requirements.

The Antenna Structure Registration rules are contained in Part 17 of the Commission's Rules (47 C.F.R. 17). Please note that the information contained in these web pages serve as a guide to the FCC's rules concerning antenna structures and is not intended to revise or replace the rules contained in Part 17.

What are Antenna Structures?

The FCC Rules specifically define the term "antenna structures" as "[T]he radiating and/or receive system, its supporting structures and any appurtenances mounted thereon." In practical terms, an antenna structure could be a free standing structure, built specifically to support or act as an antenna, or it could be a structure mounted on some other man-made object (such as a building or bridge). In the latter case, note that the structure must be registered with the FCC, not the building or bridge. Objects such as buildings, observation towers, bridges, windmills, and water towers that DO NOT have an antenna mounted on them ARE NOT antenna structures and should not be registered. Keep in mind that the FCC only has jurisdiction over antenna structures, and thus, other objects that do not house antennas are not required to be registered with the FCC -- regardless of their location or height.

What is Antenna Structure Registration?

The Antenna Structure Registration Program is the process under which each antenna structure that requires FAA notification -- including new and existing structures -- must be registered with the FCC by its owner. The owner is the single point of contact for resolving antenna-related problems and is responsible for the maintenance of those structures requiring painting and/or lighting. Note that because the Antenna Structure Registration requirements only apply to those antenna structures that may create a hazard to air navigation (either by their height or proximity to an airport), the registration files do not contain a comprehensive record of all antenna structures.

Antenna Structure Registration does not replace the FAA notification requirement. Registration must be undertaken after an owner has requested a study of the site by the Federal Aviation Administration and received a "final determination of no hazard," but before any licensing applications are filed with the FCC for the site.

All registrations are filed via FCC Form 854. You may use the interactive filing system or download a copy (pdf) of the form to fill out and mail to the Commission.

If you have any comments or questions concerning this information, you may e-mail .

For general information contact the FCC Consumer Information Center at 1-888-225-5322, option 2.

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