How To Get Involved

PersonalTelco is always seeking active participation from members of the community. Here are some of the things that we're looking for:


If you own a business or operate any public space where people can sit and enjoy free wireless internet access, consider starting a Node.


We may consider donations of other computer hardware as needs arise. Also, have you looked at FreeGeek?


We could use a little bit of everything, but if you have knowledge of TCP/IP networking, wireless networking, web design, and software development of all flavors but particularly for Linux and handheld platforms, and you have a bit of time and energy to spare we'd love to hear from you. Less geeky skills such as carpentry and the ability to string wire are also needed from time to time. Check back here often if you'd like to help out.

Your Project

If you're planning a project that is completely consistent with the aims and purpose of PersonalTelco (i.e. you're going to create a Node and you don't plan to charge for its use), please edit this page and list the contributions you're looking for.

I am very interested in covering Portland in a WiFi blanket of nodes and was wondering if it is possible for residents with broadband connections to share them. I know I don't max out my DSL 24/7, and many other people don't either and I think that if more and more people do this it will be best for everyone. If someone would e-mail me about possibly setting up a node ( I live close to downtown - SW Corbett and Gibbs ) that would be great. Thanks (contacted November 24, 2002 -- AdamShand)

We would like to create a local community based WiFi for the southern end of Parrett mountain (Ladd Hill Road). No broadband of any sort is currently available nor even envisioned in the distant future by the Telco's for this area. We have volunteer help available and certainly could source hardware and are looking for vision and direction. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your help. (contacted November 24, 2002 -- AdamShand)

I have an interest in working up a simple method by which people can connect to a wireless local network that not only offers access to the internet but also has resources, shared amongst its memeber connections, of interest to that local community. (contacted November 24, 2002 -- AdamShand)

I am interested in helping out your organization. I can bring exeperience in networking, wireless networking, and a background in engineering and business. Who can I contact to learn more about what type of contrabutions I could make? Thanks! (contacted 1 Jan 2003 -- AdamShand)

I'm kind of a networking guy and I've a few ideas i want to bounce off somebody.

We've opened up a non-profit Internet Cafe in Hood River. There is no charge for the use of the Internet and we offer WiFi. We'd love to be a part of this organization and be listed in the directory. Gotta admit, though, we're a little confused about how this works. Will some contact us now that we've edited this page? We're so confused...

Hello. I live in Caracas, Venezuela, my name is Manuel Gonzalez. Here in my country the goverment has a program called "InfoCentros" these are centers connected to internet that people can use for free. It is ok, but I think they not promote the participation of the people. So I want to start and promote the creation of a couple of free wireless networks here in Caracas and I want help. For example what kind of hardware should I use -antenas etc.- and so on. Thanks in advance.

I've moved to Athens, Greece, and am working with someone here fairly high up in the government. I've gotten him interested in the concept of free nodes blanketing key parts of the city as a popsitive development for both the local communities as well as a key tool for tourists wandering the city. I'm wondering if there's anybody here with experience in municipal wifi projects who might be able to help me with some rough estimates on costs and equipment needs for square mileage and how many people can be served per node. Very basic stats that we can then use as a stepping board for deciding what kind of space we want to cover to begin with. Many thanks for any help.


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