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These are the assignments for Fall 2004 - Sept 13th - Oct 18th.

Master Project -- Final Assignment

On day one of this course you will begin to work on the final assignement. This project consists of setting up a node using the PTP noCat box in a public location.
1. Begin thinking about where a node could go, i.e., coffee shop, cafe, laundry mat, homeless schelter, etc.

2. You will then need to formulate how to approach the owner or organization of a potential node. Think of how to present a PTP node. Clients may be suspicous of why you are doing this so be prepared to answer "why". Here are some resons why someone would want a PTP node in their business. To increase business traffic to the location, to stand our as a community serving business, to advertise a free "HotSpot" to patrons. This all becomes an asset to the business. Some owners will what to know why you are doing this? Some answers include, as a homework project, as a community enhancement project, as a mission of a non-profit service organization, etc.
Have PTP brochers availible for your clients.

3. Buisiness owners will want to know what is needed to setup a node?
* a. DSL internet access
* b. Purchase of a wireless AccessPoint
* c. Willing owner to allow PTP members to setup and configure the devices.

First Week's Assignment

Create a Wiki page by going to a personal web page of any memember. Type over the name of the person in the URL. It will prompt you to create the page. Write a breif discription of your self.

Help Pages for Editing the Wiki: Here is a link to Moin help pages for editing wiki pages. These can be confusing but provide some help. * Moin Editing Index

PTP help pages for editing the wiki HelpOnFormatting

Greg Buchan

Project Manger of Technical Sale and Service programs

Main focus: IT Security, Thin Client technology, wireless networks.

503-701-1512 or

Second Week's Assignment

Document a node on the NodeDB. Go to the NodeDB web site and create a listing for a node that you intend on installing for your master assignement. Mark it as one in progress or gathering components.

Look at the PTP node map web page to see how nodes are listed. Look at each several of the nodes to see what services are offered. How to list a node on this map. Issues: Map does not cover all of Portland metro area. There are no directions on how to all nodes to the map.

Look at NodeDB web site:

View Node #628: Personal Telco - NW: Bethany

Third Week's Assignment

This week we'll install Debian Stable on boxes that I'll bring to class. You may want to read up a bit to familiarize yourself with the process. Read up on the debian OS at this site: <> [1].


Home Work

Turning a Debian Install into a PTP node

* What is Nocat

* Routing

* Builder

* NoCatException - allow certina MAC/IPs to bypass NoCat

Study links for this week:

[1] <>

[2] <>

[3] <>

[4] <>

Fourth Week's Assignment

TCP/IP protocol.

[ allicates ip addresses to public groups]

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers

list of TCP and UDP ports assigned


Fifth Week's Assignment

Sixth Week's Assignment

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