Notes on nocat exception rules.

Here are notes of an attempt to adapt for use at PTP Node375 and should eventually be generalized.

An earlier post is simpler and does not include the port forwarding.

Two cases:

Currently this setup works in the first case but not the second. One thing that is different here is when the script is called. I simpilifed by putting it into initialize.fw and perhaps it should happen elsewhere as dmzs recommends.

Setup notes for Node375

A. Add the following line to the end of /usr/share/nocatauth/gateway/bin/initialize.fw

B. Add the following lines to /etc/dhcpd.conf

C. Create new file /usr/share/nocatauth/gateway/bin/

NOTE: This leads to extra rules that are redundant in order to allow tcp and udp to be set on the command line. The script needs to be reworked to fix.

D. Create new file /usr/share/nocatauth/gateway/bin/

E. Restart the services

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