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HauteSpot Networks designs, builds, sells and supports Broadband Wireless Access equipment which is optimized for video, audio and low latency industrial control applications. Our products support point to point streaming with very little delay variation at rates up to 65Mbps over distances of up to 20 miles using licensed or unlicensed frequencies.

HauteSpot Networks products are great for backhaul and are a cost effective option to higher priced proprietary solutions.

Because they support IP multicast, point to multipoint IPTV distribution solutions can be built using HauteSpot's HauteRoute products.

They also are a master reseller for EnGenius products and offer a range of other supplementary products such as antennas, cables and power supplies.

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Their contact information:

HauteSpot Networks

Main Office:

3450 Sacramento Drive Suite A San Luis Obispo, CA 93401 Web: Phone: 805-541-WISP (9477) or 310-598-WISP (9477) Fax: 805-456-3829 Email:

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