How To Help

Sometimes people ask us how they can lend a hand. A reasonable (and appreciated!) question. This page attempts to give some tractable options for you to choose from:

Adopt a node or node(s) that you visit often. You would be listed as the contact and give some info to the node hosts. Then, if there are problems you can at least be a first-responder. If there is something you can't fix it can be passed up to the network operations team (NOT), but even in that case it is helpful to have someone diagnose the problem.

Come to meetings. We have weekly and monthly meetings and sometimes the turnout isn't so fantastic. Just having new faces and new questions is inspiring to keep doing new things. Although we know people use and enjoy the network it is great when they show up and talk to us about it... Also, this is the best way to find out about the current projects we're working on and how you might help out with those.

Unwire something. If you can find a place that would be a good candidate for a node (maybe your own home), and get approval from the host (maybe you), we can help you unwire it and it would add to our network. By far the best ones are rooftop nodes and ideally those that can interconnect with another existing node (to help expand out the "cloud").

Tell people about us. In order for the network to grow, Portlanders need to know about us and what we do. Just talking to your neighbors, friends, and family about Personal Telco is a good start. Putting up flyers is another great thing to do. If you have connections to the media, or even just want to say we're cool on your blog, any exposure is helpful.

Whatever you can think of. If there is an idea you have for a cool project and it has to do with free-as-in-freedom wireless networking, it's right up our alley. Zany ideas are welcome here. Additionally, if you are independently wealthy and want to give us oodles of money, that'd be okay too.

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