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Sam Churchill's ideas:

Portland's Personal Telco is the largest community LAN organization in Portland. Our members have dozens of 802.11b Access Points and many share internet access with friends and neighbors. Range is limited to 1000 feet but with directional antennas, inter-connected community LANs may soon provide a viable alternative to wired networks.

It makes good business sense. Wireless LANs are often cheaper than similar CAT-5 solutions. Some ISPs promote home networking. Broadband customers may soon get an integrated Broadband Modem/802.11b gateway. Intel's 54 Mbps, 5.8 Ghz PC cards and access points will increase local network bandwidth. Microsoft's XP may bring Wireless LANs home. Our members are fluent in W-LAN solutions using Linux, Apple and Microsoft. For fun and profit.

Like ham radio operators, Personal Telco members have fun. We have regular monthly meetings and social gatherings. Our members, who rank from beginners to telecommunications professionals, usually connect their access points to a DSL, or an Ethernet network. A simple machine running Linux and common W-LAN components can put you in business for a couple hundred bucks. We'll show you how.

When different wireless LANs are linked, you've got a permanent revolution. Right in your own backyard. The goal: Free internet access. Anywhere. All the time.

Personal Telco has No Dues, No boundaries.

Everyone is welcome at our monthly meetings or special events. For more details on Portland's 802.11b networking project, see

Join the revolution!


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