Linksys WMP11

Reviewed by: MichaelRasmussen

Review Date: June 9, 2002

Model Number: WMP11

Manufacturer: Linksys

Cost: $75 - after $5 rebate and $20 off at the register for an "unadvertised special or price match" (Frys)

Operating Systems: Linux for me, Linksys has Windows drivers for versions 95 through XP.


Watch this space for updates.

I checked out the HostApMode software and recommend it highly. Easy install, works with the Linux Wireless tools. Had the card in AP mode in less time than I spent dinking around getting the linux-wlan stuff to work.

The card is freshly installed and configured with the linux-wlan driver v 0.1.10. Now if I just had another wireless device to contact it with . . .

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