The PersonalTelco members have the equipment to webcast the PersonalTelco meetings with audio and video. The missing piece is the uplink - the LuckyLab has no wireless coverage.

The LuckyLab relay is an attempt to use a long distance wireless link from a mobile AP to a fixed AP that has DSL. The mobile AP will use an omni to cover the LuckyLab.

The fixed point is the LuckyLab. Using an omni with no amp, the mobile AP can be placed within an estimated 4 blocks of the lab. So somewhere in the four block radius there must be a point with line of sight to the 'home' basestation. The thought is that FreeGeek will be home base.

ChristianSeppa writes that he has a connection to the owner of a warehouse kitty-korner from the LuckyLab and will attempt to use all non-coercive means to get an AP set up at said warehouse. Updates will be posted as events develop. --ChristianSeppa


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