The Mach Node Slum is my take on a wireless cloud build-out. (DonPark)

The Mach Node Slum is a single logical IPv6 network created by interlinked topological areas using 802.11b radio networking. Each topological area is called a HotZone.

The core of a HotZone is a unix server with routing capabilites and at least one network interface connected to a radio/air interface. The local radio coverage of a HotZone can be expanded at layer 2 with repeater access points.

The implemenation of a HotZone today (28Feb2003) is powered by a soekris box with either a pcmcia radio or an ethernet connected AP. There is the option to extended the radio coverage at the layer 2 level with single or back-to-back DWL-900AP+.

A HotZone is linked to another HotZone by participating in the same VPN. A HotZone communicates via IPv6, using IPv4 tunnels where necessary.

(27Sep2003) I think the following is a simple, cheap, flexable setup to connect one's house to a neighoring PTP node, or to join the PTP wireless-only net.

Recommended hardware to connect one's house to an access point. WET-11 Cost: Fry's $80 or WET-54G Fry's $145. Pacwireless VPOL 16dBi VAGI cost: $unknown. Small length of LMR-400 cost: $unknown. Mount both units on a pole or chimney. Run some ethernet cable and AC power (or PoE for the 54G) up the pole and the hardware end is finished! Just configure and play!

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