Who Am I

I'm a relative newbie to wireless stuff. I've got the traditional wireless network at home with a Netgear MR314 wireless router. I've worked for a several start-up companies, all of which no longer exist, which explains my current stay-at-home-dad status.

I found out about Personal Telco when I was looking for hot-spots while away on business in the D.C. area. It sounded like a great project and an opportunity to get involved.

I live in the Bethany area which is north of Beaverton and Hwy 26. I'd like to try to get an access point established at the local shopping center, Bethany Village. There's the usual Starbucks there along with a several other places to hang out including a mini-ampitheater with a fountain in the center. On nice days, there's usually lots of parents and kids playing in the fountain.

Contact Info

hm 503.533.8300 waldo4@comcast.net

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