=== Welcome to the Personal Telco's Monthly Meeting Wednesday August 27th @ Urban Grind Coffee ===

Find your way (it should work now!) via TriMet to the meeting. It will be at:

{{{Urban Grind Coffee 2214 NE Oregon St. at 22nd. Portland, OR 97232 }}}

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Recordings of past meetings are archived: http://ptp.thebasement.org/meetings/

Welcome to the August 2003 Personal Telco Monthly Meeting

6:00 PM: Nigel Ballard has taken the stage and is handling introductions. About 8 new people are introducing themselves. They include a diverse group of people, some from telecommunications business, some individuals, some organizations.

Nigel gave a pitch for Urban Grind, truly a great place to hold our meetings relaxed atmosphere, good coffee and food, friendly people.

Nigel: What's going on in WiFi? News; WiFi in Laundromats. Discussion on free wifi in laundromats, bars, hotels, apartments, etc. Nigel says free is good. Discussion of the late great e-suds/ibm laundromat system and One Cincinnatti.

-- The new president of Personal Telco (Darrin Eden), is speaking.

Darrin Eden: A new committee has been formed for educational outreach. Rick Lindahl is chairing the committee explains the Goals are two pronged; (1) explain how the technology works, and (2) to get out to the education community and others and implement it.

Dat and Lonnie coordinates Playday activities.

Darrin: Bandwidth management issues. Says we need to have a policy when people offer PTP big pipes to use for wireless services. Peering policy will be formalized.

Don Park will be coordinating the Northwest Wireless Conference run by a local security consortium. PTP will be there. Don's stats of usage:

Rick Lindahl: More about the wireless conference in October. There will be 7 different conferences going on simulataneously. On security, investors, grant writing and lots more. Only $59! Cisco, Symbol, Verizon, Linksys and many other vendors will be there. URL at http://www.PortlandAlliance.com

At 7:30pm the meeting was adjourned and discussion ensued.

- Sam Churchill August 27, 2003

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