March 2006 Monthly Meeting

Scribe: various

When and Where

Urban Grind Coffee 2214 NE Oregon St. (take 22nd Ave. 2 blocks North of Sandy Blvd.)

Wednesday, February 22nd, 6:30pm-9pm



Meeting started at 6:42pm

DonPark started off with a handout on building point-to-point networks, using the ArborLodge mesh as an example.

MichaelWeinberg gave a status report on Mississippi.

RussellSenior talked a little about the WGT Stumbler (thanks to JasonMcArthur), a NetgearWgt634u with attached USB1 hub, USB GPS and USB storage. Tried to show some maps, mentioned

DonPark announced the appointment of RussellSenior to act as PTP Secretary until the end of the current term, July-ish this year.

TroyJaqua gave the Finance Report and also announced a new release of Ewrt, for Linksys WRT routers like the WRT54gL


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