Personal Telco Monthly Meeting for October 27th 2004

When and Where

Urban Grind Coffee 2214 NE Oregon St. (take 22nd Ave. 2 blocks North of Sandy Blvd.)

Wednesday, September 28th 6pm-9pm


Agenda Items

6:30pm: Aaron Baer begins meeting. Explains the basic goal and mission of Personal Telco. Hands off to Nigel Ballard for introductions.

6:35: Nigel Ballard holds up the airline magazine Spirit, which has a three page article on free networks and PersonalTelco. It's available at Nigel was interviewed by reporters last week as part of Rick Lindaul's NW Wireless and Security show held in the Oregon Convention Center last week. About 5 people were new out of the 30 or so in Urban Grind tonight.

6:45: Tom Higgins, PTP's educational coordinator says 3 play days and hack nights, an EWRT workshop (which embeds NoCat on a Linksys 54G), and play day at UG and next month at UG will host a special session on security held in conjunction with a security group in town (

Tom says next month (November) is network month. There's going to be Wednesday night sessions 6-10pm at Tom's House on networking (

6:50pm: Baer says that the (Internet Relay Chat) tool is a useful and popular tool. Tom Higgins mentions the PTP Lending Library which has dozens of great books that can be loaned out for a month for free. If you have any books you want to contribute to the lending library, see TomHiggins .

Next month is Thanksgiving. So meeting will be moved to 3rd Wednesday instead of the 4th Wednesday which is the 17th of November at Urban Grind.

MichaelWeinberg send out a email on the general list which asked "what can you see from your house". The idea is to interconnect. Aaron would like to connect to three different nodes. DonPark said take panorama pictures and email them to DonPark. Michael asks who has a node and what can they see. Sam Churchill (your scribe) mentioned the Multnomah County's Title Wave Book Store computers. They don't have an operating system or CD but (I) picked up a Pentium III 550Mhz machine for $15.

Nocturnal near Burnside and 21st is partially unwired. There internet connection is not actually in the office. Nocternal is combination dancehall and coffee shop.

Rick Lindahl said the Beaverton Public Library is looking to install a PTP.

Aaron Baer pitched the idea that Metrix Networks (with SeattleWireless) has node kits which could be used to link nodes together.

Someone says...hey there's a total eclipse of the moon outside....break....

7:20: Were back. Spectacular. Wow.

7:25pm: MichaelWeinberg announces a HOLIDAY PARTY...Tuesday, December 14th at Nocturnal, 18th and Burnside. Details being worked out. See HolidayParty2004.

New PTP node: Old Town Pizza is getting free Wifi via PTP and Aaron Baer. On Davis in old town Portland. Aaron says there are a couple of new nodes but people can't recall at the moment. Oh, Powell's Technical is in the pipe.

Sam Churchill says has announced free 56kbps wireless. If you can see the Verilan tower (on the KGW tower) or if you are near Waterfront Park (near Verilan's Vivato antenna atop the B&O Warehouse). The free service is available now.

General discussion; who wants an old 220Volt, small rack size SGI box. Uses 16 processors with 180Mhz each (or something like that). Doesn't run Linux. Requires IRIX. Other people have cables, connectors, and other gear. Other random talk. Aaron says lets do more random talk. Is talking about PTP's own node and how it works. Cornerstone computer at Aaron's house does email cache, Alathea, at Rob Peterson's house, is used for development, while main PTP production and hosting in on Bone. Aaron would like to link them up. Wants a VPN tunnel to connect them. Anyone interested?

Sam Churchill mentioned Dignity Village. He netstumbed with a 23db dish and couldn't find a connection. Tom

8:10: Aaron Baer declares the meeting ajourned.

- Sam Churchill, scribe.

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