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...and there is a company on the receiving end of a DoD technology transfer just south of and currently surrounding Disney World. This stuff sounds something like a press release...

MeshNetworks, Inc.

The high-speed Internet experience must and will be made mobile. MeshNetworks was founded with the vision that the mobile Internet should exploit the same proven architecture found in the wired Internet. This architecture is based on a distributed mesh network that supports broadband data speeds by leveraging routing intelligence at the edge of the network. By developing the same powerful mesh networking technology for mobile networks, we have created solutions that enable every user device to enhance and become part of the network that make the Mobile Internet more reliable, affordable and scalable than alternative solutions.

MeshNetworks has developed patented peer-to-peer routing technology which enables a mobile broadband solution that supports voice, video and data at speeds of up to 6Mbps. This creates a distributed, fully meshed architecture that breaks through the limitations of cell-based networks. Using advanced ad hoc routing techniques; MeshNetworks is the first company to bring the advantages of the Internet's self-forming, self-healing, self-balancing architecture to mobile networks. MeshNetworks goes beyond mobile Internet solutions by offering built-in geo-location capabilities, as well as full QoS management for voice and video. The result is the fastest, most efficient and cost-effective way to deploy mobile voice, video and high-bandwidth data services.

MeshNetworks has developed an extensive Intellectual Property of patented networking, geo-location and radio technologies for Wireless LAN (802.11), fixed and mobile broadband wireless networks. The company is offering this technology in the form of licenses, chipsets, software and turnkey product reference designs to OEMs, system integrators and network operators.

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