Musenki intellectual property assets are for sale. Please contact if you are interested.

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It's too bad the VC community couldn't get past the fact that we were building an Open Source AP and were going to kick Cisco/Aironet in the process. We had a great competitive analysis, responses to the endless stream of objections, but alas we had a tough time closing any deals.

The most hits on our website came from Cisco. Other AP manufacturers were close behind. Think they were scared? You bet your ass - they were terrified.

We were able to get to a working beta product with personal funds. We had sales backlog. We had everything but ******* money to manufacture the first 1000 systems when the principals called it quits.

So, the designs, etc. are available if anyone wants to purchase them to make a go of it. Both the M-1 and the M-3 basically work, today, out of the box. There is some additional software work that should be done to bring it up to the current state of the art, but it can be accomplished with a few smart people and a few weeks of work.

Cheers to all

Musenki (used to be wild*bliw) is coming out with two new Linux based access points. These are true Linux AccessPoints but they aren't available yet. A BSD version is expected sometime after the release of the Linux one. There are two basic products:

M-3 (This is the larger of the two)

M-1 - (This is the smaller end user box)

Here are some pictures from a presentation at BAWUG: Buddha Box Overview AP Software Chi AP Overview


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