Tools and services to update as new NOT nodes come online.

  1. NetworkAddressAllocations

    1. Allocate range.
  2. OpenVPN
    1. Add proper network script in openvpn/ccd and it MUST match the host's CN.
    2. New nodes don't need this, are getting allocated an address automatically on an iris vpn via a or something
  3. DNS
    1. Add public AAAA record to donk:/etc/bind/master/
    2. Add .ptp A records to donk:/etc/bind/master/ptp
    3. Add .ptp PTR records to donk:/etc/bind/master/ip4-ptp
    4. Update serial in donk:/etc/bind/include/header
    5. Reload bind, # rndc reload
    6. public IPv4 addresses will dynamically get created in the $ domain, using remote syslogging and syslog-ng magic
  4. Nagios
    1. Add host to donk:/etc/nagios3/hosts.cfg
    2. Add host in appropriate hostgroups in donk:/etc/nagios3/conf.d/hostgroups
  5. Munin
    1. Add host to iris:/etc/munin/munin.conf
    2. Run munin-node-configure --snmp <host> -shell | sh or /etc/munin/ <host> for standard wgt634u nodes.

    3. Finally, /etc/init.d/munin-node restart

  6. SmokePing

    1. Add host to smokeping/config
  7. Create wiki page for node using NodeTemplate

  8. Add node to NodesByAge

  9. NodeMap

    1. Add location and make sure to login via admin interface and add the hostname so graphs, usercount show up.


  1. CurrentUsers

    1. Add host -> NodeName in <webroot>/users/host_map which will populate the CurrentUsers page

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