NoCatAuth is CaptivePortal software that is being developed by NoCat (primarily SchuylerErle, with widespread contributions). It supports having an open system with configurable restrictions to bandwidth and ports based on if the user is trusted or not. -- AndrewWoods, MichaelCodanti, KeeganQuinn - Slides from a presentation of NoCatAuth

You can download NoCatAuth here:

There was some SlashDot coverage as well. Way to go guys! -- AdamShand

A successor written in C has been released, suitable for embedded-style applications: NoCatSplash

DebianLinux packages by KeeganQuinn are available:

 deb ptp main

See also: NoCatAuthFaq, NoCatAuthWishList, NoCatAuthTesting, NodeSplashPages, NoCatAuthWorkFlow


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