NoCatSplash is CaptivePortal software developed by SchuylerErle. From the README:

NoCatSplash is an Open Public Network Gateway Daemon. It performs as a [captive/open/active] portal. When run on a gateway/router on a network, all web requests are redirected until the client either logs in or clicks "I Accept" to an AUP. The gateway daemon then changes the firewall rules on the gateway to pass traffic for that client (based on IP address and MAC address).

NoCatSplash is the successor to NoCatAuth, which was written in Perl. NoCatSplash is written in multi-threaded ANSI C in order to be smaller and work better on embedded style devices.

SchuylerErle announces "the first verified working release":

You can download NoCatSplash here:

DebianLinux woody (stable) packages by KeeganQuinn are available:

 deb ptp woody

As well as DebianLinux sid (unstable):

 deb ptp sid

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