Starting a non-profit organization

Some starting points for learning how to create a non-profit organization:

Starting a non-profit, one-page answerbook Non-Profit startup FAQ

-- DavidSmith

TACS seems to be an organization that could help us. I've never had any contact with them, so I can't say for sure.

Guidestar is a database of over 700,000 non-profits, many with their IRS/financial info. There may be similar organizations we could emulate.

State Dept of Justice- Charitable Activities

Secretary of State- Corporation Division

PSU Institute of Nonprofit Management


Link to a document outlining the process and which step we are currently on ... -- Jesse Mccrum

Oregon Public Networking is a nonprofit-centric ISP in Eugene. They had a fight with the IRS film at 11.

Don't know the resolution of this. OPN seems to be talking about the community-based low/no cost Internet that many at PTP imagine with wireless... they have been around a while with this kind of mission statement. Corvallis' caters to nonprofits but I don't think is a nonprofit.

Does anyone know of any nonprofit CLECs?

The City of Portland / Portland Development Commission is proposing throwing $.25M/year (cap investment annualized at 7 years minus projected revenue) at subsidizing fiber loops to N/NE and Outer-SE Portland neighborhoods and HELPING QWEST UPGRADE THEIR COPPER in order to extend the reach of DSL and higher-end network services offered in these "distressed" areas. So there is definitely some motivation and available funding. If wireless can solve the problems for cheaper...

-- Jerritt


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